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What is Regression Therapy?

Regression is the method to access the records in subconscious to apprehend and solve the reasons for common issues. The source of these records is energies not belong to us, exist in past life, even our energy area as events that can be lived in mother's womb, infancy, childhood, adolescence or in the recent period.



The Subjects that can be done Regression Study:

Depression, panic attack, migraine, fears, problems of family, marriage or business, hair shedding, infant cancers, weight problems, recurring non-symptom pains or illnesses medically ( head, stomach, waist, neck, organ pains, etc.)


Antipathetical senses that have been feeling for any country, nation, and race, religious, gender and are unexplained.

Frequently seen nightmares, dreams, incubus.

Phobias (exaggerated fears regarding the situation that he/she is in): aviophobia, vertigo, fear of poisonous insect and animal…

Fears (real fears for the situation that she /he live in): fear of failure, fear of speech in front of community, fear of going out alone

Feelings and cased such as uncontrolled anger, hatred, guilt, angry at oneself, not self-expression, worthless, downtrodden.


Present Life Regression:


Negative feelings, opinions and faiths that one lives or records in mother's womb, birth, 0-6 age and later period cause to chronic tensions, a burst of anger, expression problems that seem gratuitous. The individual can't continue his/her business, family and social life happily, peaceful and efficiently and comes across the same challenges as a vicious circle frequently in the situation of not discover and solve these periods. 


Present Life Regression in From Essence to Essence Communication begins the discovery phase of significant events that the individual records as trauma from mother’s womb to the present. After this recovery, it continues in the form of solving of injuries, confrontations, lessons that must be taken and communications with guides. The scope and duration of study can take 3/3, 5 hours averagely with the change according to the subject of study and the situation of individual is going to trance.   


Past Life Regression:


Our soul likes the clothes of changing bodies. It finds a life again in different agencies and lives suited for lessons until by completing the evolution and taking the lessons that must be taken. Soul carries the traces which brought from past, each past lives in which not die with peace to the next life and gives a spiritual and bodily warning to the body in which she/he exist for remind and clean these traces. It 's hard to pass on the past life for the individuals who have present life traumas so much.


Past life Regression begins with the discovery of that life by giving to past life suited to the subject of study in From Essence to Essence Communication. After this recovery, it continues in the form of solving of traumas, confrontations, lessons that must be taken and communications with guides. The scope and duration of study can take 3/3, 5 hours averagely with the change according to the subject of study and the situation of individual is going to trance.  The traces of past are transformed with the past life regression; it is spread seed regarding the future. 


Attached Energies Regression:


The Attached Energies are the energies of not belong to our energy area.  Everyone has the soul that connects with the divine source.  We have a frequency that we also connect with divine source as if radio stations have the frequency pitch in which they broadcast. How the frequency of radio station mixes up the frequency of other stations and main broadcast becomes sizzling, parasitic and unclear. Likewise when the addition energies meddle into our energy area, we don’t have a contact with the divine source, perceive guidance and messages.  It is felt Attached energies as a guest at first, its effects don’t appear so much, and then they settle as a household, and cause the behavior and thought disorders.  However, the control of this situation belongs to us. It is compromised of explicit in our energy areas when we leave our control into these feelings such as loneliness, inability, a need of being loved, regretful, guilty, fear, wonder, shame, self- anger and we pull energies that not belong to us, magnetically.


Our traumas we lived (such as bereavement, rape, harassment, natural disasters), operations we had (the situations as abortion, surgery, giving birth) are some of the events that cause the explicit in our energy area. 


How we are responsible for strengthening our immune system for being healthy and for the cleanness of our body, the same responsible is valid for the matter of protection of our energy areas.  We have to keep clean our energy area and give importance to our spiritual development.


The situations such as occurring conversations inside one’s head, concentration disorder, attention deficit, concentration difficulty, heaviness, sleeping disorders, fears, personality changes, not sleeping in the dark, extreme fever, using substances such as alcohol, cigarette so much, not being herself/himself, not express himself/ herself are the indicators regarding the existence of energies that do not belong to us in our energy area.


Attached energies regression in From Essence to Essence Communication begins the energy area scanning. The energies which do not belong to your energy area are detected and discovered about when, or in which situations, these energies pull to you, and about the effects on your life since pulling to you. Afterward the process is completed by cleaning with awareness and communication with guides. The duration of a process can take 2, 5 hours averagely with the change of the situation of individual is going to trance and the numbers of addition.


Who is suitable for Regression Treatment?


Regression Studies are not suitable for everyone as well as very efficiently and intensely.  At first, wanting to solve their problems of individuals, in one’s right mind, having the courage to confront himself/herself in a phrase of problem solving, being at peace with ego and wanting to reach up the essence are the most significant factors to increase the efficiency of study. 


It only gets efficiency from the studies done with senses of wonder.


Addition energies regression is suitable for pregnant and women in the postpartum period, not appropriate for past life regression and present life regression.  It is determined how many sessions require depending upon the subject studied with From Essence to Essence.

Essence who will attend to the regression study should trust to Özden, who will do the study. Otherwise, the process of reach to subconscious records can extend. The studies occur from Essence to Essence as well as do commonly. It is not should be used alcohol or drug before the study. 

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