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There is a big diamond in all of us, and this diamond is our essence. As we know, diamonds are multifaceted and each face of every layers covered by dirt. The duty of our soul is to clean those faces while walking in the path of evolvement by remembering our karma and reach purity so reflect every color of the rainbow. Our essence is in all of us similar and perfect. We are part of thewholeness, and we are connected to others. The difference between us and others depends on the layer which we cleaned. When all the layers are clean, then diamond turns to its essence, in other words, it turns into pure energy. But, we should go through layers of unconscious to reach our core. The layers of our unconscious are like the onion; the most challenging ones are on the surface, and when we open every, each layer we reach the essence of the onion. So when we reach our soul there, we find wisdom, pure love, pure light. Özden shares with you what she knows so you can go through layers of the unconscious to reach your essence when you contact her.

All the dirty layers in our essence are our shadow identities; the parts are in the darkness which we don’t accept and which we have difficulty to take.However, we were to be all of them. We are all one. We can shine with love when we accept them and everybody the way they are so we can reach our essence (Öz).

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