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My dear teacher Gilbert Renaud implemented the tecniques of Dr. Cloud Sabbah since 1968 and called Total Biology and Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's implemented tecniques called as New German Medicine since 1979, since the year of 1993 combined with variety of observations and experiences, withal they discovered the emotional causes of diseases.

I would like to raise awareness of your perspective on diseases through the trainings I attended and the cases I worked on.

Painful, sad, frighten, hurt or locks you; with the fear of you are not able to handle or consciously suppressed memories; become stronger after years and make you a prisoner of many diseases, especially cancer. 

Every disease has psychological and biological causes that are consistent with each other. Fear and painful experiences waiting to be resolved trigger the body and cause illness...

Some illnesses that you suffer from, and even mental distress that you have not yet reflected in the body as a disease, may be a reflection of the unsolved problems of your mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, grandmother and even your ancestors that we do not know.

The most important point is not what your disease is, but why you have this disease and whether you choose to continue your life with this disease!

Just realizing this and taking steps for a solution starts healing!

Recall Healing with Öz'den Özden and Recall Healing supports you in resolving your traumas that may be the source of your diseases after diagnosis and diagnosis with regression technique.

Recall Healing with Öz'den does not replace any medical treatment, supports your treatments and Öz'den does not promise to heal you.

Who is Recall Healing Suitable For?

With Öz'den regression contained Recall Healing practices are really effective and deep, but not suitable for everyone. First, the person should sincerely wish to reach to the source of the illness; to be mentally healthy, to have the courage to face solving their problems, to be at peace with their ego and they demand to reach their essence.

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