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How does Enlightenment Happen?


To be enlightened means to be master of holding and spreading the light. Enlightenment is not something we can reach, and it is no a place where our development will finish. No matter how high we reach, there is always a higher place to go.

There are many paths to take us enlightenment. You may choose the one which gives you joy and in harmony with your values. Better to prefer a discipline which gives you peace. To do that keep in close contact with your essence and put an intention to walk in a best suitable path for you.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is which means looking inward, and directing the subconscious by optionally. Hypnosis is a phase of sleep that's composed of directing attention to oneself by suggestion. Hypnosis is a way of discovering the person's capacity, abilities, fears, emotions, and thoughts by reaching the person's subconscious in natural ways. Hypnosis isn't a real sleep. The subject who has been hypnotized doesn't have dreams as in sleep. He/she speaks, feels, and he/she is in control. Conscious hypnosis means consciously focusing, increasing awareness, and internalizing the incoming information while in trance.


What is Life Purpose/Dharma?


Life purposes something very important, and we hear a lot about it but most of us not sure what does it mean.


When we chose to come to this life, all of us come with a purpose but by the time we forget about it. Due to that we go far way from our life purpose and get trainings and work some other areas it has nothing to do with our goal. In result of this, we become unhappy and, illnesses knocks our door.


Our life purpose is hidden in our birth date and hour. Regarding this, you can read the book called “ Life Purpose” and get detailed information from it.


To understand life purpose awareness is necessary. One of the way to understand life purpose to find things that you love to do, things you do with ease, naturally, things, where you do your best and by doing you, don’t wait for awards those things are mostly part of your life purpose.


Our life purpose seems to change time to time and prepare us for next step. For example to be a mother could be a life purpose but to be a mother throughout all your life is not possible. When the child grows up and starts his/her things alone becoming a mother would not be life purpose anymore. That's why when a woman finds her life purpose and balances her energy her expectation from her child gets less and give and take of love also becomes balance.


During this journey of finding life purpose, there are some obstacles on the way for us to overcome such as to learn to express ourselves, to be flexible, to learn compromise, to become ourselves. When we start cleaning our Karma and becoming our potential self, our life purpose becomes viewable


When we are created, we all have different codes embedded, and we all have different qualities. Considering this we should not try to do the same thing with other and envy other people lives instead we should turn to our real essence and find our life purpose and live it by that we can have the happy, peaceful life.


Therapies with Öz’den (From essence) can help you to start this journey.


What is Light?


Light is one of the biggest power in the universe. We can even think light as a being which can be everywhere and anywhere.


Light is great transformative power, and more we use light more we get connected to our essence.


We can raise our vibration and heal both ourselves and our loved ones.


Even by thinking of light we can bring light to our life. In the beginning, it is important and easy to attract light and then use it. According to our ability of hold the light we can raise our vibration. By doing that our ability to transform the energy which surrounded us gets bigger.


One of the effective way to use light to imagine that we are in the sphere or light ball from our head to toes around us.


We suggest to you to get connected with light at work, at home, in the car even in a shop for a couple of little every day. Every time you connect with the light, we built a bridge of light between ourselves and higher realms. While creating this light bridge we could be more efficient in everything we are doing on this planet.


What is Karma?


Karma is a universal balance or cause and effect law which manifest itself by paying and balancing positive and negative everything that has been done.

According to karmic law, everything we do comes back to us like a boomerang. Our karmas seem like our debt which we have to pay. If we don’t pay and close it, we carry them to next lives. We improve by paying our debts. We can pay our debts while we are in this world in this physical body. To pay them, we need to remember our past lives. In sometimes we create karma in present lives and the resolve easily by working on them with awareness, but sometimes their effect could be transferred to next lives.


İt is important to be careful not to create new karma's while clearing and healing old ones. If we live according to universal laws than we manage to create balanced and peaceful lives.


When you are ready and allow yourself subconsciousness work which you can do in Öz’den Öze iletişim (Communication with Essence from Essence) gives you the chance to remember all the karmas that you created by knowing or unknowing. By facing them, learning their lessons and with awareness, you can be free from karmic debts.


Essence (Higher Self) and Spiritual Growth


Essence so-called a spirit of a person is a source of our body, mind, emotions and rational mind.


Spiritual growth only possible when we connect to our essence and correspond with whole this is the only way.


Our higher self is a dynamic and progressive life empowering consciousness. Our daily consciousness is a facet of our higher self which lives in physical reality. Our higher self send us an impulse to love and connect with others; it knows harmony, order, and light. When you include all of this in your life, you then start to act from your essence.


Our higher self knows why we are facing challenges and difficulties in our life; it is our core self, and wise teacher inside of us. It communicates with us by our intuition and feelings. An also correspondence us with co-incidents and unexpected timings. If we are in need to hear anything our higher self send us books, people, movies, articles. More we connected with our essence more we witness of expanding awareness, intuition, inspiration.


Growing spiritually makes us discover about ourself and more we realize our self more we grow spiritually. By growing spiritually, we become aware of a bigger picture. When our will emerge with higher will we gain greater awareness of our evolution and experience which we have through evolution?


With his knowledge, we understand and transform the thing we need to change and improve in order to find our life purpose. Spiritual growth is similar to personal growth with one big difference: when we develop spiritually we connect with the more significant force, and we can use this power to grow and empower our self.


Our Essence and God/Wholeness works with our personality and helps us for some qualities such as our capacity for love, trust, be clear.  When we work with our essence connected with personal growth so the journey will be more fun and enjoyable.


What is Spiritual Guide?


They are the souls who have experience begins human before and when they were assigned they help fellow human begins. Most of the time we have the strong connection with our guides, and they are with us since we are in the womb.


Mainly we perceive them as an inner voice and part of our spirit. The difference between ego or entity energies in our space is guided only help us what is right for us when we request from them. Ego or entity energies in the other hand try to convince us to do things. Guides don’t force us they respect free will. It is only possible to recognize our guide when we get close to our essence and clean our energy space.


What is Trance?


There are delta (0-4cps), theta (4-7cps) , alfa (7-14cps), beta (14-28cps) , gamma (35+ cps) wavelength in our brain. According to our state of mind (awake/ half awake, sleep, study), those brain frequency changes.


When the brain is in alfa and theta frequency trans state happens. Alfa frequency is known as the beginning of a sleeping state where there is deep relaxation, peace, and perception. Teta frequency is a state where we connected with the outer world, able to reach subconsciousness and in more in-depth sleeping mode, in this state it is possible to be in deep thinking, intuition, inspiration and awareness level. With the technic in Regression works people can go to beta and teta level and gain deeper understanding if they allow them self.


When an individual in the trance they still have the control, their connection with exterior work remains and when they move from trance level (beta/teta) to Alfa level and wake up they remember everything. When the person trusts the therapist was going to trance could be easier.


Over controller people and individuals who cannot trust others, easy may have difficulties to going trance. Sometimes analytic people, people with ego resistance and people who has different energies in their energy field, people with present life traumas might have difficulties to go trance. For this reason going trance changes by person and situations.


To go into trance is important for regression therapies where you work the source of difficulties and unknown changes in our life.


Deep relaxation in facial muscles, changes in breathing is some of the sign of being in the trance and of course, it changes every each person.

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