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Dear Öz. Özden,


Not just for saying, but because she has blended a huge heart literally with love behind her tiny and delicate image, DEAR ÖZDEN. I've waited for forty days to write this article. The reason that I've been waiting for exactly forty days was waiting for forty days, to make it fly, as the old ones say. (It's a phrase about the Turkish mourning culture which tells you that you have to wait until the dead person's soul is long gone.) It was for to be sure, to believe it even more, to come up with an article those who will read while I'm writing can believe it even more. I want to start with two reminders about myself for friends who'll read it. First, I wouldn't believe that I'd have situations such as trauma and regression, and also I wouldn't believe that I'd be a clinical case. The second is, I used to think that the comments on such websites were written by the page's owner, like by the mouths of unreal people. I'm writing quite real, with quite an experience, and with a note that I'd be given as a reference. When I thought that I was going with the burden of at least twenty years, I've faced with at least forty years of burden. When I'm sitting at the interrogation table while I've no time to tell more than I told or I can tell, the analysis of one year or one month was made in every minute of my four hours. We had a session with ÖZ that holds a mirror, sets a light, pours a heavenly light out on my faults, pains, traumas, those I was aware of or I couldn't, maybe those I willingly didn't do; by accompanying, being friendly, guiding with all of my internal, imaginary, physical, and mental journeys. Which currency or wealth could afford that not only you've ticked all the boxes of my spiritual and mental questions and problems, but also that you've found the reason and the solution to my physical pains which have been ongoing for months ÖZ? Shortly the ÖZ is, you've got a guide like a fairy, for you to not let your thoughts, past, and darknesses capture you. Follow her light.

Tayfun T. / The Expert of Animal Health / Turkey - 02.2021

First, I've realized that the wounds of my childhood, has pulled me down mentally. And then, I've decided that I don't want to be unhappier anymore and don't want to let my past to capture my future. Just then, I ran across with Özden. And luckily, it crossed. When I first contact with her for an appointment, she told me that; ''Hold on, let's talk first and see me. Maybe you won't like my eyebrows on my eyes and won't want to open yourself up to me.'' Even just that statement of her, was the proof of how am I right about my decision to get in this road with her. Because of I'm living abroad, we’ve managed the process online. Together we've completed two separate sessions which took 3.5 hours. Together we've lived through all my childhood traumas again which I lived before that affected me bad, and when it done, I was so tired and in shock. Unwillingly, my body's response to every questions that I claimed to I didn't know, and by coming to surface of my lower-self and speaking, had steal me away. In second session, we've healed again all the wounds together that we peeled off it's scabs. Can you feel that someone's hand on your shoulder who watching you through the computer screen? I felt that. I haven't been forced for any my memory that I'm not ready to make a peace for. I've learned that accepting to many things, not to blame myself, and make peace with myself. For 26 years, I found myself constantly clenching my jaw, even how much it hurts. Özden has showed me that there's something I did for keep inside of me to what I want to say. Through the two weeks after second session, I've faced with everyone off in my life. I found myself speaking about everything which I couldn't tell. So to speak, my jaw was opened up, and while I speaking, I've realized that I'm not clenching my jaw anymore. 3 or 4 months have passed since the sessions, and when my friends said ''When did you become to love the life that much? What the hell!'' I've realized that Özden gave me back my happiness and my peace which I burried with feel of anger to the past. Let the Özden touch your lives, too. You will never get what am I talking about unless try it… 

Aylin A. / Dietitian / England - 12.2020

Our paths crossed with Mrs. Özden four months ago. As I going through a period that very hard and troubled, the light she has flashed on me got enlightened my path. She left a mark in my life with her energy, personality, with her light, in short, with her esence. Endless thanks…

Dr. E.A / Doctor / Turkey - 11.2020

At such a period of my life that, I've ran across with my Özden; at the moment that I said there's no way out of here anymore, and at somewhere that the life brought us together by coincident. Luckily it did, because literally from the day that I've decided to working with her, the changing and the transformation has begun in my life. No lie, in the beginning, even I didn't believe that it'd be that fast. I was already taking a psychological support for a long time. But this, was very kind of something else experience for me. We've worked with Özden almost four hours. She has told me that 'make a list the moments that you thought were most affected you in life.' If I could find three or four in all, in the beginning, it's ok I said. And then, when I started to thinking, I was so surprised when I realized that how many events I've been living through in my life that affected the today. In this four hours working, I've been living through all of it like first day again, and I've learned that to make peace with all of them. They won't be able to affect to my life, and my decisions anymore. At the end of the work, I've felt a huge relief, like I was freeing from all of my burdens. Then I've started to waiting, and surprisingly, that the key points of my life which I said how I'll put together them from here, started to open up one by one; as if, the magic was done… Now, I was became a woman that who has self-confidence, who can self-love, who has realizing that how valuable is being alone, and who can apply the decision I made without fear. I'm thanking to Öz'üm now who is part of my life, and the life which brought her to meet with me. Luckily, you've touched my life, and saved me from this dead-end. I love you so so so much, always stay in my life!


C.K. / Sales Coordinator / Turkey - 11.2020

I don't know how much I can put that my feelings into words. There was no such as 'me', left in me anymore. I had become someone's child, someone's darling, someone's wife, and someone's friend; but I wasn't exist. Childhood traumas, the other traumas which I've been living through in my privet life, always the same kind toxic relationships, feeling of worthlessness, fears of loss, and with insecurity; Finally I reached the rock bottom, by trying to deal with my life which is in a vicious circle for years. When I understood that there was no more bottom anymore, I've decided that I need to change it, and I've met with Mrs. Özden. How am I feeling right now? Like I was started the life ever again… Like, there was no before for me… More stronger, more courageous, someone who knows how to be against the events; I mean, I found 'the me'. I found again 'the me' that I lost. Through the session, I've remembered that I forgot to love 'the me' which actually I should to love, while I'm loving everyone. If now, I love myself and all my selfness. First, I've forgave myself, and then everything that I couldn't forgive. I'm keep going on my way with goodness. So luckily, we've met with Mrs. Özden, otherwise I wouldn't find my way and be enlightened. Thank you so much.


Zeynep K. / Executive / Turkey - 10.2020

I've defeated the fight for years that I fought inside of me in, and that I couldn't make sense of it, with Mrs. Özden. At the beginning of the sessions, like everyone else, that the thoughts of ''I can't be hypnotized, my brain is always working, I'm not a calm person'' were just my prejudices. Which I've understood when I saw myself watching a celebration in ancient ages. I'm thinking that, there are no people which Mrs. Özden wouldn't help to them with her experience and education. Even my husband, who doesn't believe in psikanalism that much, couldn't hide his surprise when he saw how the 'me' is a different person, between the beginning and end of the sessions. I'm feeling that myself renewed, my soul is calm, and my mind is open. I'd advise Mrs. Özden to everyone who says 'I'm ready for to recreate myself.'


Fulya L. / U.S.A. - 10.2020 

Our ways with Özden crossed on social media. For years, I had been living through a tiredness, and sometimes a minor depression that I couldn't find the reason. Responsibilities were get burdened me with more burdens than before. Sometimes, I was even questioning my existence. Eventually, as a doctor, I've decided to consulting with Özden. It has been exact one year since then. I felt more better day by day. Almost, my soul was lightened. For the first few months, I've questioned that what we are living through, but actually the answer was there: We worked, and we did it. I've threw away all the unnecessary burdens of that get exhausted my essence. I feel unbelievably well. I was never afraid that the feel of wellness would be vanish. 'Cause I'm sure that it won't vanish. On the contrary, day by day I'm getting lighter, more productive and I'm becoming more successful person. She and I are still contacting. I'm sure that, she'll be a light for a lot more people. Gladly to know her.

Dr.Ali M. / Doctor / Turkey - 12.2019

We've made two regression sessions with Özden. I've lived a transformation journey that I kind of discovered my past and subconscious in those sessions… I've went far more beyond the life experiences that I understood with my conscious state, and that I believed that I knew the solution of it. I've faced with myself as I flashing to the past on, and as I facing, I got stronger. There were lots of things, that I've carried to today from my past life both and the times that I didn't have awareness. How valuable it was to put of them in a perspective.. With every step I took for healing my soul, and liberating to my selfness; I've alongside heard the Özden's voice that hugging me with love… I've walked safely with Özden, when intensely emotional moments that I going down to source of my fears, and internalizing my blockages. In the end of this unique journey, I've met with my guide, I've listened that what she told me, and she has whispered to me that what I'm expecting from future, and how I'd be happy in life. They say that, 'There's no wind can help a ship that doesn't know which port to it'd go.' I've found both my port and my anchor in those sessions. It'll never be enough even how I much thank you, for such a touching to my life and the completeness feeling that I know that I'll never loose it again Özden!

Çağla K. / Marketing Manager / Turkey - 7.2019 

Sevgili Özden,

Yaşadıklarımdan, kendimden yorulduğum, bitip tükenmişliğin sessizliğinde önce bir ses olarak geldiniz bana. Beni bana anlatan, beni anlayan bir ses...Mümkün müydü bu? Hiç tanımadığım biri tarafından anlaşılmak...

Yaklaşık bir senedir psikolojik destek aldım hayatımı anlamak için... Bırakın anlamayı daha çok umutsuzluğa itildim. Benliğime ait olmayan düşünceler dayatılıyor, ve tüm bunları hücrelerim sürekli reddediyordu.

30 Ekim 2017 sabahı ,4 saatlik çok ilginç bir yolculuk yaptık sizinle. Korkuyordum ama hiç elimi bırakmadınız; yaraları beraber kanatıp, hepsiyle barıştık. 20 gün sonra değişim başladı. Kimseden icazet almayan, kendi doğrularını bulan, kendi kendine yeten bambaşka bir Sibel geldi. Kendimi sevmeye başladım.

Size her gün dua ediyorum hayatıma dokunuşunuz için, kızlarımın geleceğine aydınlık olduğunuz için, birey olabilme gücümü hatırlattığınız için...

Teşekkür ederim size yaradanın bir hediyesi olduğunuz için... Sizi çok seviyorum.

Sibel G. / Gıda Mühendisi / 12.2017

Özden´le tanışmam ve onunla geçirdiğim 4 saat yaşadığım en ilginç ve güzel tecrübelerden biriydi. Hem telefonda hem de görüştüğümüzde ona bu konulara dair ilgi ve bilgimin olmadığını ama ön yargıya kapılmadan onunla çalışmak istediğimi söylemiştim. Temel sorunum hayvan fobimdi. Seans bittiğinde Özden´e "Korkularım geçmemiş bile olsa, iyi ki buraya gelmişim ve seninle tanışmışım“ dedim. O çok rahat bir şekilde korkularım geçtiğinden emin olduğunu söyledi. Terapinin üzerinden birkaç ay geçti. Şimdi sokakta gördüğüm hayvanları kucağıma alıyorum. Hayvanları çok sevdiğimden bu korku benim için çok ağır, zor bir şeydi. Kendimi çok rahatlamış hissediyorum. Nasıl olduğunu anlamadığım, anlamaya çalışmayı da bıraktığım bir yöntemle Özden, bedenimde ve ruhumda yer etmiş, farkında bile olmadığım travma noktalarını bulup, çözdü. Kendimi bu 25 senelik korkudan özgürleştirmemi sağladı. Bir de şifalandırma konusu var, orası biraz derin. Hastalıkların çözümleri için böyle yöntemlere başvurmak aklımın ucundan geçmezdi. Oraya gittiğimde geliş sebebimin, ya da en azından beni oraya o anda getiren itici gücün daha derin bir korkuya dayanabileceğini düşündüm. (Zaten Özden'e göre havyan korkusu çerez! :) ) Yeni kanser teşhisi konan annem için şifalandırma çalışması yaptık. (Bir gün böyle cümleler kuracağım da hiç aklıma gelmezdi, o yüzden inanmayan, mantıksız bulan herkesi anlıyor ama bir kere daha düşünmelerini öneriyorum. Çünkü sadece olumlu düşünmeye yapılan bir katkı, bir şartlanma bile olsa kazandığınız, buna değer!) Ve bu konuda da çok güzel haberler aldık, testlerimiz temiz çıktı, hastalığı aşmak için huzurla savaşıyoruz şimdi. Sözün Öz´ü herkese tavsiye edeceğim bir deneyim. İnsanın istediği yönde dönüşebilmesi büyük bir tatmin. Bana bunu sağladığın için sana çok teşekkür ederim Özden!


Selin K. / Almanya / 08.2017

2016 Nisan ayında Özden ile Diabet ve tiroid hastalığı teşhisi konulduktan sonra çalıştık. Bu onunla 3. çalışmamızdı. Çalışmaları tamamen ona özgü...Sanırım onu farklılaştıran da bu... Her seansını recall healing ve regresyon tekniklerini bilgi, birikim ve deneyimlerini özü ile ustalıkla harmanlayarak tamamlıyor.

Her seferinde katman katman olan bilinçaltımın, geçmiş hayatlarımın, şimdiki hayatımın ve hatta anne karnımdaki süreçlerin içlerine yolculuklar yaptık. Son çalışmamız sırasında Özden bu çalışmanın; bedenim ruhum ve zihnimle uyum sürecinin tamamlanma zamanını sorguladığında yüksek benliğim 8 ay diye cevap verdi.

O zaman çok anlamsız gelmişti neden 8 ay diye düşünmüştüm. Şimdi aradan neredeyse bir yıl geçti ve dönüp bakınca anladım ki yüksek benliğim hayatımda yapacağım radikal dönüşümlerin bu kadar zaman alacağını biliyormuş.

Aralık ayında beslenme şeklimi değiştirdim. Kendimle ilgili kararlar aldım ve disiplinli olarak uyguladım ve şimdi 7 kilo verdim, diabet ilacımı kullanmıyorum. Bir çok sağlık sorunum ortadan kalktı.

Özden, çalışma sırasında bakış açınızı değiştirecek yolun yönünü, kapının anahtarını veriyor. O yöne yürümek, o kapıyı açmak size kalmış. Çalışma hücresel boyutta o kadar büyük değişim yaratıyor ki, iradenizle destek olursanız o yoldan yürümek, kapıları açmak sizin için en doğal ve kolay şey haline dönüşüyor. Kendine yolculukta tıkandığınız, aşamadığınız her konuda Özden’in rehberliğine başvurmak onun Öz’den yaklaşımıyla çalışmak bu yolculukta kendinize vereceğiniz en büyük hediye olacak.

Mercan A. / Türkiye / 03.2017

Yok ben dayanamıyorum, dibe vurdum!!!! dediğim anda tanıdım Özden Hanım'ı...

Yılların birikmiş yükü, hastalıklar, bunalımlar, ve daha birçok sıkıntıyla başa çıkmaya çalışan ben bir umut arıyordum ama çözüm olmalıydı sonunda... Bildiğim yerler ya beni dinleyip gönderecekler ya da ilaçla toleransımı yükselteceklerdi. Oysa ki benim istediğim çözümdü! Bir arkadaşımdan duydum Özden Hanım'ı, ama kullandığı yöntemi bilmediğim için garip geldi. Fakat yeterince kaybetmiştim hayatımdan, bir eksik bir fazla fark etmezdi. Hemen aradım; "Çantana doldur hepsini gel!" dedi. Halbuki çantam hazır kapıda bekliyordu. Gittim... Teker teker ellerimle çıkardım gün ışığına... Korkularım, kaygılarım, sıkıntılarım, yaşadıklarım, yaşayamadıklarım... Hepsiyle yüzleştim, yüzleşmek yetmedi tokalaştım, hatta teşekkür edip gönderdim! Hastalıklarımın kaynaklarını öğrendim, ve gelecek için bugünümü şifalandırdım.

Geçici bir iyilik hali zannettim, ama yok! Uçak korkumu, deniz korkumu sınadım, yok, gitmiş! Dibe vuran benden eser yok! Halının altına baktım; tertemiz. 

Anneyseniz ya da baba ; hayattaki en kıymetli varlığınız evladınızdır. Tuvalete alıştırmada yaşanılan zorluklar çoğu ebeveynde olduğu gibi bizim de karşımıza çıktı.  Birçok profesyonelden destek aldık, olmadı. Geceleri hastanelere taşınacak kadar vahim bir durumdaydık. Bir umutla yine kapısını çaldım Özden Hanım'ın. İnanılmaz bir deneyimdi yaşadığım ve inanamayacağım bir hızla çözdük tuvalet sıkıntısını, her şey yoluna girdi. Ve minik kuzumla olan derin anneliğim daha da derinleşti.

Yaşadığımız birçok şeyin bir sebebi var, bunu hepimiz biliyoruz. Çeşitli yerlere gidip anlatıyoruz rahatladığımızı zannediyoruz, ya da umutsuz diyoruz ve yenilgiyi kabulleniyoruz. Tüm bu sıkıntılarınızı çözebileceğinize inanın. İlk bakışta gerçek dışı ya da farklı gelebilir. Fakat yaşadığım deneyim ve sonuçları ortada. Herkes kendi kapısının önünü süpürürse dünyamız çok daha güzel olur. İnanın ve kendi kapınızın önünden süpürmeye başlayın. Güzel günler çok yakında...

Hayatıma dokunup güzelleştiren Özden Hanım... Sonsuz kere teşekkürler...

 Buket S. / Gıda Mühendisi / Türkiye - 10.2016 

2 ay önce yaptığımız regresyon seansı ile ilk önce kendimi fark etmeme yardımcı olduğun için teşekkür ederim... Evet seans sonrası hayatımda hiç yaşamadığım bir huzur yaşadım... Birkaç haftam taşları yerine koymakla geçti, farkında olduğunuz şeyleri aileniz, arkadaşlarınız fark etmiş olmuyorlar, onların da eğitilmesi gerekiyor diye düşünüp önceleri hüsran yaşadım beni anlamıyorlardı. Özden yanımda olmana rağmen her olumsuzlukta kafanı şişirmek istemedim bir süre yazmadım... Artık yazabilirim.

Neydi problemlerim:

1-Annemin kız kardeşimi çok sevmesi beni üvey evlat gibi görmesi.... Hayır! Seans sırasında özüm ve rehber ruhum öyle olmadığını gösterdi, yeniden doğum annemden yine süt içmem o sırada annemin aşkla bakışı... Özden'in sorduğu sorulara düşünmeden cevap veren özüm annemin gençliğiyle bana olan sevgisiyle yüzleştim..... Çok iyiyiz, artık o bana bağırmıyor,  sitem etmiyor, yani üstüme de alınmıyorum..
Daha önce hiç  sevmediğim kadar sevip öpebiliyorum.
2- Para blokajım varlıklı ama cimri babamın, çocukluğunda yaşadığı yoksulluk sebebiyle üzerimizde bıraktığı kaygıydı bağları kestik.
3- İşlerim kötü gidiyordu, öfkeliydim, sen o insanla niye tanıştın anlamaya çalış dedi, evet artık anladım ve kişi misyonunu tamamladı. Artık çok iyimserim o kişiye karşı.
4- Kürtajla yitirdiğimiz kardeş aslında yeğen olarak hayatımıza yeniden gelmiş ve benim anne babamdan almam gereken anne baba deneyiminin aynısını yaşıyordu...

Ve bitmiş ilişkim, onu affetmem gerekiyordu bitti :) Ve daha neler neler ağlayarak geçen 4 saat...
Ve şimdi her şeyin farkındayım, ailemi de kendimle beraber fark ettirerek birlikte öğrenerek....
Yaratıcım tarafından sonsuz sevildiğimi bilerek Öz'den'e teşekkür ederim.

Burcu S. / Mali Müşavir / Türkiye - 10.2016 

While I was struggling all the traumas and accumulated challenges one of my friends recommended this warm trustful woman who touched my life and this was the biggest chance for me.


It was an amazing experience she open all the blockage in my senses and feelings as if she was opening blocked vines in the body. I believe we all have challenging experiences and deep traumas coming from our past life. We become imprisoned by this past life experience’s heaviness; we lose focus point, and we cannot solve the problems, face with barriers, fears and stain this vicious circle.


Ozden has a very rare talent and awareness that she understand all these obstacles, sees them and help us to find the solution for them.

She reminds us what our real self is, and she guide us to find what beneath our problems and gives us much fear point of view. After understanding what the problem is with a correct command by itself she able us to find solutions and heal ourselves.


When you are ready to change, trust someone, improve this session will open real life path of the very front of you and lighten you up. Let Ozden touch your life, you then realize how relax you can be and how your awareness become greater.


Damla T. / Interior Designer / Turkey - 07.2016 

Humankind should trust people who benefit him/her as best as he/she can in this life. He/she should believe that it is also trusted him /her.  He/she love that it is also loved him/her. So I also did it exactly with From Essence to Essence Communication. I opened my essence to a person against me. I surrendered myself into her leadership, forgot myself for myself, and I left myself into the person’s arms whose I wanted to trust. I believed that something would happen if I wanted this so much, if I trusted the person against me if I felt the person. In the session of addition energies regression with Öz’den, I found myself in fact. It was not the situation that I wanted to come through; it seemed that there were things that I had to subtract from my energy area. In fact, the things that I supposed right, were the lie.


We’ve transformed and cleaned the energies that did not belong to me, that I couldn’t get rid of, and that disturbed me when I had a bath reluctantly and my leg numbing which doctors called as a hernia, vitamin deficit. This session gifted to me myself. I ‘ve learned to believe in myself, to love my job, to think positively and to smile, not to anger, to endure much, to do what I want without obstinate. I’ve interiorised.  I have learned many things different from each other because we cleaned all energies which do not belong to me and cause to constrain from myself, waking me from my sleep, having felt fears when I’m alone, and being uneasy when I have a bath.  I trusted from essence to essence then I opened myself, and we completed the study as me, I turned myself and found the truths that give me peace. I thank and pray when I talk about Ozden, who is straightforward. Thank for God who had confronted me and predestined for having her did this job.  I hope everyone prefers to trust really for once as me.

Sinem K. / Manager Assistant - 09.2014

No one meets the other one without a reason; I learned that when I came across with my therapist Ozden, and we did not come across in vain.


You, the most essence, the heartiest therapist of mine, are my elder sister at first, then my crossroad. 


The first day I came to you for therapy you purified me with Eft from my fears, anger, insignificance feelings and many things. I noticed many things that I could not realize before when she began to clean many things from my subconscious. For example, I can eat tomatoes plucking from its branch ever after I have not been eating during 25 years.  This is the small but significant step for me. Then again we had not done any particular thing for this. Just as Ozden’s say, the subconscious can change and transform like many things with a touch when it is worked with the right therapist.  Ozden, who has introduced me with EFT and regression, succeeded the things that my family could not afford me or I could not do by myself. 


Thank you Öz' den Öze you have become a vehicle to heal and recover my never-ending unhappiness, my anger, my vulnerability and my many harmful emotions and thoughts. The second step in my therapy was a regression, and again I experiment very different experience. I learned that there are attachment energies which affect my life. I don’t know if I can describe this experience with words. It was a very deep long lasting experience of a meeting of my essence.

A daughter’s first love is her father. I was able to say “I love you” to my dad first time in my life, and it gave very different peace. I am an introverted person; I rather hurt myself not to hurt others. But I am not like that anymore. I know how beautiful to express myself and  I know can talk, and I am triumphal.


I view of family and to my partner has changed. And other people also noticed this change and transformation on me. They can see my eyes have sparked in it and I am looking at people different from now on. I also meet my essence with the therapies I had from Özden.


There is unchangeable truth in life that we live up and down throughout out life but with those therapies what I understood that if one thing changes every, this also changes. During the sessions, I experience so many changes, was able to realize so many things with awareness. Öz’den Öze İletişim added so many things into my life and helped me to transform.


My weight problem for 25 years has become no problem anymore.  Due to therapies, I receive I am not considering them anymore.  To lose weight is also in my hand if I want I can easily lose weight. You need to believe and love yourself first; I managed to understand this.


Period pain and restlessness is many woman’s issues. During those days what I experience was very different. I used to cry all the time; I was furious and unhappy I was like a child who has her toys were taken from me. Thank god with a help of Öz’den I am not like that anymore; I managed to go through those days much calmer just like any other days. My period dilemma is over.

I have to relive lost of an event from the past where I did not react in the repression. And as if I was living the at that moment I screamed, cried, questioned, received answers. I have become so light after that, I now what does it mean not to carry past into future now. Everything has happened and finished. I managed to leave my burdens. There was eczema in the behind of my ears. Rage and intellectual blasts were the reason. Now I am not experiencing any blasts as I am not afraid of express myself anymore.  Öz’den with her therapy has managed to heal my long lasting incurable issue which has not been cured by doctors for many years.It is like a miracle, thanks again.


Without giving so many details, I wanted to tell what has happened to me. I experience much more. But life goes on now, and everything in it is placed.


Öz’den has help me to put love into anger, competition into fear, smile into tearful eyes, she healed me, my dear Öz’den I owe you. You are a healing who touches one’s essence, and you're are an excellent guide. May your path lighten with light, endless gratitude.

Özlem M. / Educational Institution Owner / Turkey - 11.2013

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